Nico Fitness  

Fusion Training:

B.B.C.: Bosu Ball Calisthenics
Using the BOSU Balanced Trainer and the Stability Ball, experience a functional training program designed to improve cardiovascular condition, muscular strength/endurance, agility, balance, and core control. Add to all this some “back to basics” calisthenics and you have yourself a class format your clients will love.

Intervals ‘R’ US
Interval based training consisting of alternating periods of aerobic work through powerful, explosive choreography and periods of recovery through resistance training. Interval training has gained in popularity because it produces RESULTS! You will learn fun, safe, and effective exercises that you can tailor for your own classes right away. The following equipment is preferred: Steps with risers, Freestyle jump ropes, resistance tubing, hand held weights, stability balls, variable weight barbell/plates, stability dome, and indoor cycling bikes. Adjustments will be made upon request based on equipment availability.

Core Adrenaline
Put together strength training and Pilates mat and you have a fusion class. Introduce core stabilization techniques and you have a Core Adrenaline class. Experience an entire body workout by building long lean muscles in a fun group exercise setting. A medicine ball, Gliding Disks©, BOSU©, and a resistance tube is used. Equipment usage is based upon availability.