Nico Fitness  


‘Nico is always very good. He is very well spoken, really knows the material, and has an incredible understanding of the way the human body works.’

‘Nico Gonzalez is an interesting, easy to follow, motivating educator. He made his expectations clear and was very accesible during the entire training. Nico had great additional cues and suggestions that I wanted to remember.’

‘After being in the business for SO many years and going to some pretty lame certifications, it’s great to find BBU! Nico is a fabulous presenter who is knowlegable, personable and approachable. I appreciate his comments, both constuctive and complimentary.’

‘Nico was very effective and efficient in his presentation of all of the classic exercises, as well as the variations and modifications of each. I was amazed at the amount of material we were able to cover in one weekend.

‘Nico’s presentation is clear and to the point. He asks questions that make you think about what you are doing and why you are doing it that way, which makes it more concrete and understandable. He keeps you engaged and interested throughout the entire weekend.’

‘I loved the training. I wish I could take it again so I could absorb even more details. There was so much great “tweaking” information that really made a difference in the depth of precision in each exercise. After the training, I noticed I taught with more confidence and a higher level of professionalism. I had not anticipated that, but it felt great! ’

‘Great class. Nico does such a good job of integrating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. He stays positive and tuned in the entire class. He really hears each question and gives to-the-point answers. He conducts great sample classes, uses fun music, adjusts our alignment and deepens our personal experiences of the movements. ‘